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  • Should I be home when my lawn is sprayed?
    No, we service most of our lawns during normal working hours. Your lawn care technician will complete this work and leave a bill at your door, unless he has been instructed to do otherwise.
  • How soon can I mow my lawn after an application?
    Please wait at least 24-48 hours to mow after an application.
  • How should I water?
    Your lawn needs one inch of water pre week during the growing season. Be sure to water long enough for the water to reach the roots of the grass plant. A light watering would do your lawn no real good, as a rule of thumb, you need to water for about one half-hour in each sprinkler location.
  • Can I get by with only one application of pre-emergent crabgrass control?
    Not if you want to guarantee against summer problems. Years ago, one heavy application rate was recommended for the pre-emergent herbicide we use, but test trials and university studies have shown that two applications give a longer residual control.
  • How should I mow?
    Lawns need to be mowed on a regular basis. This should be determined by the rate of growth not by a set date. It is best to mow at a height of 2-3 inches. Mowing any closer may damage your lawn. It is also very important to keep your blade sharpened. A dull blade could do more harm than good, and can make your lawn more susceptible to diseases.
  • When do I need to water my lawn?
    You should try to water your lawn the day after the application. This will help the fertilizer (and pre-emergent if in application). Watering at night is not a good idea, it can encourage turf grass diseases. Daytime is the best time to water your lawn.
  • What if it rains with 4-6 hours after the application?
    Rain is very helpful following a fertilizer, crabgrass or insect control application.If it does rain after a broadleaf weed control application (for dandelions, etc.) allow the product from 10-14 days to begin to work. If after this time the weeds do not seem to shrivel and fade away, just call and we will come back out at no charge.
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